# Manage Plans

To create plans in your Shipboard server, you need first to create Stripe plans. Stripe plans allow you to configure the trial days and price for each plan.


You don't need to create a FREE plan. It is by default configured in Shipboard and it's NOT required to be created in Stripe as well.

Go to Stripe Dashboard then Billing then Products and click on new button to create a new product. The product is simply a container of your plans list. You can name it whatever you want. After creating it, head into it and click on Add pricing plan

Stripe Product

In adding a pricing plan page, fill in the following specified attributes and leave the rest as it as. Currency must be USD.


Currency must be USD.

Stripe Add Pricing Plan

Then click on Add pricing plan and you will be redirected to the list of plans. Copy the generated plan ID and use it in Shipboard Plans in admin section.

Stripe Plan ID

Next section will show how to use the auto generated plan ID in Shipboard