# Webhook Integration

Web hooks are used to handle any changes that triggered in Stripe dashboard to your Shipboard server. This is important step to ensure that all your subscriptions in Stripe are consistent with your server's data.

For example, if you cancel an active subscription on Stripe dashboard, how would Shipboard knows about it? Guess what, using web hooks.

In Shipboard admin, go to Settings then Gateway Webhook section. You will see an auto generated URL.

Shipboard Webhook URL

Copy this URL and go to Stripe Dashboard then Developers Then Webhooks and click on Add Endpoint. Make sure you select the four listed events as showing in the example below.

Stripe Webhook Configuration

After adding it, you will see it on the list. Click on it and scroll down to Signing secret section. Copy this secret value and configure on your .env file in Shipboard server

Stripe Webhook Signing Secret

Now you are ready to go! any changes on subscriptions that happens on Stripe will be reflected to your server.